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About the logo

The logo was inspired by the rock art of the San people of southern Africa. A recurring motif in these paintings is a figure which combines human features with those of an Eland, a large African antelope. It is thought these figures represent the transformation of a shaman into an animal for the purpose of shamanic journeying - passing into an otherworld to gain information or carry out actions which would not be possible in a physical state.


The circle traditionally symbolizes unity and the sun, the source of life. The figure may be seen as either entering or departing from the circle. Either way it represents a connection with the source of life, of wholeness and of healing.

The positioning of the figure roughly divides the circle into four, thereby emphasising our position in the world of matter. Taken together the cross and circle represents the perfected man (or woman), the union of opposites and a wholeness which transcends consciousness.

The image was drawn by Alice Sturdy, an artist and designer based in Gloucestershire. More of her work can be found on the website of her company AliceCaroline.