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What Charles' patients say...

"I started seeing Charles for acupuncture and tuina treatment when I was competing in ironman triathlons. I've since moved on to ultra marathons and seeing Charles is still an invaluable part of my recovery routine.

Acupuncture complements sports massage treatment and osteopathy really well - by using all three treatments I am able to keep training, competing and (most importantly) enjoying my sport injury free. Charles' personal sporting experience and his clear interest in sports' injuries means that he works hard to understand the root cause of any imbalances / potential injuries - this makes a huge difference, especially given my training mileages."
- Joanna

"Charles' assessment was very thorough and concurred with the assessment of the GP. I noticed a distict difference from my first session of acupuncture, when I felt as though my arm became 'unstuck' and it felt as though the blocked and tight muscles were being relieved. During a subsequent session, the acromio-clavicular joint felt as though it had a warm heat radiating from it and I noticed that after the session I was able to gain some more movement in the shoulder.

One of the nice things about being treated by acupunture is the additional benefits that came unexepectedly after treatment. I would recommend anyone thinking of trying acupunture to see Charles. His technique is very thorough and he explains both the treatment programme and what each needle point is going to help with, which means that you always feel comfortable with each step."
- Christina

"Charles' treatments and practice are professional, personable and effective. He researched my specific condition and treated the whole patient. I saw a steady and lasting improvement in my condition."
- Sarah

"I came to see Charles because of my severe insomnia and found the treatments to be extremely beneficial. Charles had a very holistic approach and I felt he truly was able to help me by pinpointing the essence of my sleep issues and treating me accordingly. Acupuncture definitely helped me unwind and bring my stress levels down which definitely helped me in getting my sleeping back on track."
- Michelle